What is F.C.S.T.A.T?

Family and Consumers Sciences Teacher Association of Texas (FCSTAT)

FCSTAT represents over 3,000 professional family and consumer sciences educators, secondary, post-secondary educators and administrators, cooperative extension educators, retired educators and university students enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences Education programs.



Its Your Spice is super excited to be working with The Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas. Formed in 1963, FCSTAT is  the only professional organization dedicated solely to representing The Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association across the State of Texas.




Our endorsed partnership with FCSTAT is simple. Each and every group that falls under the FCSTAT umbrella and who sponsors a fundraiser with It’s Your Spice will earn 40% in commissions. In turn It’s Your Spice will donate back to FCSTAT 5% from its profits. The 5% earmarked is to supplement FCSTAT’s scholarship program. Last year It’s Your Spice was able to make a sizeable donation to help kickstart the Gay Nell McGinnis Scholarship       Additional details are available by contacting FCSTAT.





Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Association of Texas  Eligible Groups:


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