TJ’s Italian Lovers 3 Pack

TJ’s “Herbs duBeaumont” Saltless Herb Seasoning
An intricate, SALTLESS blend of flavors that will enhance virtually any food, any time. The melding of the complex array of herbs, complimentary Spices and dehydrated vegetables lends an interesting flavor addition to Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Deep-sea fish and Salmon.

Enjoy this ‘Texas’ take on the popular French blend of herbs seasoning , Herbs du Provence.
• A SALTLESS blend of flavors
• Intricate mix of herbs, complimentary spices and dehydrated vegetables
• A delicious, light flair for a superb taste in chicken, lamb, salmon, catfish, potatoes, & more
• Try cooking with it or just shaking it on in place of salt & pepper
• Add a Pinch of Salt if You Want: you control the amount of salt on your food


TJ’s Premium Italian Seasoning
TJ’s Premium Italian Seasoning adds zest to meats, chicken, fish, salads and sauces. Try cooking with marinara sauce, Italian meatballs, lasagna, sausage, rigatoni and even Italian meatball subs.
TJ’s Premium Garlic Powder
TJ’s Premium Garlic Powder is made with the finest garlic available. Enhance your meals when you sprinkle on French bread, fish, chicken, hamburgers, steaks, salads and vegetables



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